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September 2011

– I recently received an email from someone named Micah. It seems he was one of the winners of Bungie’s Birthday Card Contest and received a thank-you note from Bungie in the mail. The thank-you card was a single unfolded sheet with printing on both sides and “two random dots debossed on it.”

Full Size – Front (~3.5 MB)
Full Size – Back (~1.9 MB)

Using these two scans and the previous six “Destiny Map” images, I was able to create this composite:

Full Size – Composite Map (~7.9 MB)

Keep in mind that the top edge of the map might not be in the right place, but as of now this is my best guess for the layout using the available images. I think that the “two random dots” on the card are actually less significant than they seem: previous versions of the “Destiny Map” have shown similar dots, but in shifted positions. This leads me to believe that those pictures are composed of two separate sources: a hand-drawn terrain map and a starfield/solar-system image. My guess is supported by the slight shift of the background stars between versions, the large planet overlay, and the very faint set of orbit lines in the “One of Seven” header.

That said, I also believe that the “nebula” images in the background of the current Bungie.net layout are actually mountains.

Some more interesting features to note:

– You can easily spot a few roads within what appears to be a port town. While the name abruptly cuts off (because it was at the edge of the thank-you card), you can clearly see it begins with “PUERTO DRIN-“. I tried to find a Spanish word beginning with DRIN (since “puerto” means “port”), but the only thing I found was “drino”, meaning “a kind of venemous serpent.” The word on the map could very well be nothing more than the person the port is named after. (NeoGAF user Fyrewulff mentioned the possibility of a reference to the Drinol, a Covenant enemy cut from Halo 2.)

– A few more words and word parts can be seen, most notably “fresh water” and “Most”.

– HBO user DEEP NNN suggested that the numbers in the water are most likely depth soundings, as seen on many nautical charts. There also seem to be markings along the shore indicating low water lines and rocky ledges. I have to agree with this explanation of the numbers, it makes perfect sense and gives the map an authentic feel.

– Along the edge of the smaller river you can see small drawings that resemble palm trees.

Full Size – Annotated Map (~2.5 MB)

I’ve made a crude map to help you visualize what I believe to be a river, forest, mountain range, and town:


137 thoughts on “Waiting for Destiny

  1. I have no doubt that Destiny will be for the next generation systems and most likely a launch title like they did with Halo. Also Activision reps said right before e3 2010 that Bungie’s new game won’t be shown at that e3 but probably at the next e3 (e3 2011). So then why such the delay? They won’t show anything until the Playstation 4/Xbox 720’s are unveiled. Now let’s just all cross our fingers hoping it’ll be at this e3, despite all rumors refuting their unveiling this year.

    • Actually this may be why they are trying to make the game compatible to new gen consoles. They may be expecting the release date some time before the next gen release, and might want to make it easily compatible with the next gen.

      • I would also like to say that I believe that the next-gen console of Microsoft’s will not be revealed is E3. Microsoft stated that they will not talk about their next console in 2012, maybe they may talk about it in 2013. I got this information from the feed on g4tv.com I also saw this on TV on Attack of the Show. I do hope this game comes soon and I hope it is at least 20% cooler than Halo.

      • This game will be released in the prime time window of launching new titles, Q4.. and I guarantee you it won’t be 2012.. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t even hear a peep about this game at E3. The new consoles will be released Q4 2013. It only makes sense to release this game on the new consoles. They would never release a game with this much hype on a console with a few months in it before the next gen comes out.

        The graphics are going to be nuts on this game, and the 360 and ps3 won’t be able to cut it. Just think, they aren’t going to release a “decent-looking” version and then re-release an amazing version of the same game when the new consoles pop out on the shelves. It’s not realistic. Just sit tight for another 18 months and wait it out.

      • Actually Hayden, most companies have in the last year, or one year before. The game destiny has been in the making from before that. Also it has been considered a current gen release. Also the next gen console will not be comming soon, and most likely during 2014. Most companies want to make their games and have time to release it. Plus the console must be sold on a blockbuster special console game. Now if there is hint of their release date expect them to try to release them sooner.

    • Hmm, I’m not sure if its set for next gen (“Xbox 8,PS4”), mainly because the limited amount of consoles at that time, will limit the games potential amount of sold copies.

  2. I was looking at your maps, and I was thinking… See you STARside… Maybe that ‘waterdepth’ thing you mentioned was a depth to that next Star/Planet… Maybe the roads we see is a GIANT floating Space Station…. This is all ofcourse just a random idea, but I don’t think bungie wants to limit its gamers to a single simple terrain. Mountains, Oceans…. I was thinking STARWARS meets Halo… HALOWARS!…wait….

    Either way, I love the info, and I am awaiting this games Advert! Just a glimpse of game play. I want to go pre order this game… even if it doesn’t come out til’2015…

    PS. Found this site back in november, and just found it again last night! You could only imagine my excitement. I have a small ragtag clan of people that i will force to read this!

    • No i think a simple map, one of one small area if not by area huge, is something to look to as being great. I have a feeling it will be an rpg, with a dynamic flow to the scenario’s that occur.

  3. Ive been wondering what Bungie has been working on and glad someone has been trying to piece together the sparse clues Bungie has left us. I was thinking that maybe the dots on the cards Bungie sent to people could be locations to hidden items. Since the game sounds like an open world type of game with unique items? Bungie, why do you enjoy being a bigger tease than my girlfriend?

  4. ‘See you Starside’

    I think this game will be in space based on that entire statement. Everything we have on this page is great, but it seems to have been translated by users into maps of landmasses etc.

    I’m just going to throw this out there and say, has anyone considered that these maps, including the more recent pictures of the Holiday/Birthday cards with the ‘dots’ could be stars, and these maps that we are seeing are of space and NOT of a landmass?

    Bungie keep putting ‘See you Starside’ out there, it just seems logical to me.

    • We have though of that before but we have come to the conclusion it is more likely land mass.

      See you starside mainly means somewhere far away. So that place can be a space game, but it is likely to be just far way in its meaning. Though we think it is scifi, we more or less tend to agree it is on a planet very far away.

  5. NEW INFO! Bungie has posted a new Breaking In with a Senior Concept Artist named Darren Bacon. I did some research, and it seems he specializes in sketches and renderings of SPACE SHIPS. This is further proof of setting and content in the new game.
    Related Links:

    • Heh, I actually emailed Darren back in January asking about a few of the pics on his website. He was very friendly in his response and his answer made me believe nothing on the site is directly related to Destiny.

      While he does seem to have an interest in spaceships, I don’t think it’s enough to confirm Destiny will have them. He has a lot of city environment art as well.

      At the very least it’s always interesting to see the kind of talent Bungie has working on Tiger…

      Thanks for the tip though! :)

    • Some of it looked really good. I think although as duncan said they are not the concept art, i think we can gleam a little bit of what the art style will be.

  6. Hey. I noticed Marty O’Donnell posted this on his twitter:

    “Wow, I love the new signage at Bungie’s entrance! No pics yet?”

    He’s referring to a sign outside the Bungie Studio. Bungie’s official twitter account had this to say:

    “Dear Jerome, RED ALERT.”

    Jerome is the famous security guard at Bungie. Marty later posted a pic here: http://lockerz.com/s/207747194

    Something to do with Destiny, perhaps?

  7. http://forums.reghardware.com/forum/1/2012/05/22/activision_bungs_bungie_with_unprecedented_ratings_based_bonus/
    From the above article, regarding documents about Activision released as part of a court case:
    >”Bungie is under obligation to produce Destiny, the first in a series of four sci-fi shooters, for an Xbox 360 exclusive release in autumn 2013. The series would then continue with three sequels on next-gen platforms, in 2015, 2017 and 2019, respectively.

    Based on the overall sales of the first game, Bungie could receive up to 35 per cent of the operating income, the contract states. The bonus would be paid between 2010 and 2013 if the studio meets certain quality and budget milestones.”

  8. “[products] based on the Destiny Property, planned to be a massivily-multiplayer-style (i.e., client-based mission structures with persistant elements, sci-fantasy, action-shooter games (collectivily, “Destiny Games” and individually, each a “Destiny Game” or “Destiny Game #1”, “Destiny Game #2”, “Destiny Game # 3”, “Destiny Game #4″, as applicable) for operation on the platforms and formats described in section 2…”

    —from the contract between Activision and Bungie.

    I also like section 14.2.4 regarding Easter Eggs… they shouldn’t be of a nature to change to rating of the game, a la the ‘Hot Coffee’ mod in GTA San Andreas!

  9. I sent you a message the other day just seeing if you received it? Basically check bungie home page out, new planet? May just be something or nothing but worth a look!

    P.S Thank you for the time and effort you’ve put into this page! Great read!

  10. Buster This looks great, for sometime things have been quite, kind of dead, now i believe it may be time to wake up. Also must say i really will have to rebuild my list, will get that done later today.

    Also new info looks great. Though i do not believe it will be much space based, but more planet based. Also really interested in how the factions shall integrate with each other, even though we have one enemy.

  11. Did anyone else notice that there is a faint image behind all of the avatar images representing destiny? I can’t make out what it is, but it is connected as one when all of the images are juxtaposed as they are in this post. Someone needs to open that “strand” of pictures in PhotoShop or a similar tool asap, and see what they can find, even if it turns up being nothing.

  12. Why is bungie making it a game that only works if you have online acess? That just cutts of all the xbox/ps players who either have bad internet or cant get xbox live at all

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